Examples of other documentaries that have influenced the way mine is shot, or have given me ideas for particular cut aways etc.

VICE – The Mobile Love industry

This documentary, produced by Vice, focuses on the popularity of dating apps such as Tinder, and how/if they work. This documentary features various interviews, with vox pops throughout giving the opinions of these apps from members of the public.

Although this documentary is a lot longer in duration, I aim to produce the same fast paced feel for my project.

A Tinderella Story – A short Documentary

In this documentary, it explores the basics of the dating app Tinder. There is also use of stats throughout, enduring that it is informative as well as interesting. This documentary feels like a student project, which features concepts that are achievable. It is also under 6mins in duration, making a dating app documentary do-able in a small duration.



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