This is the information with details about who I will be interviewing to feature in the documentary.

Questions being asked to the interviewee will also feature below.

Interview 1-

Name: Steve Loughnan

Occupation: Psychology Lecturer at Edinburgh University

About: Is currently researching and studying the impact of dating apps (such as Tinder) when it comes to the objectification of women in different cultures.



Interview 2-

Name: Jamie MacColl

Occupation: Student

About: Student who is now in a relationship after using Tinder.


–         Introduce yourself

–         How does Tinder work?

–         How long have you been on Tinder?

–         What do you think most people use Tinder for?

–         Why do/did you use Tinder?

–         What are the advantages of using Tinder?

–         Do you think dating apps like Tinder are successful and work? Why?

–         Do you see the app as a game? Why? (negatives)

–         Are dating apps the future of dating or just a trend?

–         Would you recommend Tinder for others looking for love?



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